Proverbs 5    (June 28)

                                                    Holy Matrimony

            “Drink water from your own cistern…”

            Fidelity in a marriage is very close to God’s heart. God is the founder of the institution of family, and the Creator of the sacred state of matrimony. A pastor once said: “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!”

            A great number of marriages have been contaminated by adultery and homosexuality. Movies and television programs promote adultery and fornication as something normal and pleasurable.

            Concubinage or “living together” has multiplied enormously in recent years among all social classes, ages and ethnicities. The sacred vows of matrimony are now deemed old fashioned and unnecessary. Very few still promise fidelity or say,

            “Until death do us part.”

            I repeat, God instituted the holy state of matrimony. One man and one woman constitute a lawful marriage in the eyes of God and mankind. Lately, however the traditional view of marriage has been challenged by many, who propose homosexual and lesbian unions. Man does not always respect God’s statutes and has paid a dear price.

            What does all of this have to do with me? You may ask.

            This is only a warning from God against sin; a call to matrimonial fidelity and personal sanctity. Let us practice holiness and morality, even if we are not married, but if you are, remember that God gave you only one spouse.

            Let us honor our Lord and Savior with our personal holiness and with a holy and undefiled marriage, for the latter is a picture of the eternal union between Christ and the church.

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