Proverbs 4    (June 27)

                                             Mines of Death

            “Keep straight (examine) the path of your feet…”

            During the Vietnam War, the American army suffered many casualties, due to explosive mines “planted” by the Viet-Cong. These mines where very difficult to detect, for the Vietnamese were experts in the art for planting mines of death. Those that were “lucky” enough to escape with their lives would lose their arms or legs.

            Someone did “invent” a mine detector, but even this was not sufficient to avoid danger, just as it is not enough to detect the problem in our lives, if we do not find a solution for it in Christ.

            Later on, someone else invented a chemical substance, which would be poured over the mines. This substance would instantly harden, and soldiers were able to walk without fear over the field of mines—It was a bridge of life, over a sea of death.

            Christians have much to learn from the American soldiers; we must be very careful in our daily walk. Why do you think the Bible puts such a great emphasis in the fact that we must never deviate from the ways of the Lord?

            Remember that the world is filled with “mines” of temptation and perversity. The path we must walk is narrow and difficult, but it is the only way to life. Some Christians have deviated just a “little bit” and have paid a very high price.

            The Holy Spirit is our spiritual “detector;” he warns us when there is danger. Let us hear his voice of alarm to avoid falling prey of temptation and sin. Christ is the Way of life, blessings and protection. He is the Indestructible Rock, upon which we can walk with confidence, over any danger and sin.

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