Proverbs 3     (June 26)

                                                         Good Memory

            “My child, do not forget my teachings…”

            “Repetition is the mother of learning” someone has said, and I agree. Important things must be repeated constantly, until they are engraved in our hearts permanently. Repetition is extremely important, when we are training and teaching children.

            Why do I say this?

            I say it, because children seem to be forgetful, when it comes to learning obedience, and the ways of God. However, children are not the only ones that forget things pertaining to God or his Word. Adults also tend to neglect the law of God very often.

            The word “law,” does not refer exclusively to God’s commandments or the Torah (five books of the law). The Pentateuch of Moses contains history (Genesis), poetry (in some psalms), and many prophecies.

            The word law then, in its widest sense, can be used as a synonym of The Word of God (e.g., Psalm 119).   Knowing this, let us be diligent in studying, memorizing and applying the law or Word of God in our lives.

            God has revealed himself to man in many different ways, but in our times, God speaks to us trough his Word, the blessed Bible. The Word of God is truth, worthy of our confidence and respect.

            He, who forgets the Bible and its commandments and precious promises, walks through dangerous paths. However, he who keeps the Word in his heart will find life, peace, truth, grace, joy and wisdom.

            Which of the two options do you prefer?

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