Proverbs 2    (June 25)

                                                     Opposite Worlds

            “…he stores up sound wisdom for the upright;”

            All coins have two faces. Every argument has two sides. Everything and almost everyone in this world it’s diametrically opposed or contradicted by something or someone entirely different. For example, there is light and darkness; day and night; good and evil; hot or cold; God and the devil, etc.

            There are healthy and unhealthy people. Illness is contrary to good health. Not everything or everyone that you find in the church of Christ is healthy. There are sound and false doctrines. Prophets can be false or real; fruits can be good or bad; and knowledge can be perfect (from God), imperfect (human), or evil (satanic).        

            Satan and vast army possess a certain type of evil “wisdom.” This knowledge is a compilation of lies, traps, tricks and diabolic schemes. This is an unhealthy and deadly knowledge.

            Men and women of the world, use their cunning to deceive one another. Fame seeking, and power-hungry individuals stop at nothing on their way up the ladder of success. In their desire to be “number one,” these men and women lie, cheat and steal, until they achieve their objective.

            Only God offers us sound or healthy wisdom. The wisdom that comes from Him is freely given to the pure in heart.

            How is your heart today? Are you walking righteously in the presence of God?

            To live well, you and I need wisdom. Let us ask God today for divine wisdom—he has promised to pour it abundantly over those who seek him.

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