Psalms 138-139   (June 19)

                                                    No Escape

            “Where can I go from your spirit?”

            From the beginning of creation, mankind has been running away. We run away from God, from our homes, from prison and from the authorities. Men run away from their jobs and responsibilities in the home and some women run away from their husbands.

            Children are not exempt from this sinful inclination to flee from all that is godly and good. As soon as they learn to walk, they begin to walk and then run away from their parents. If we don’t keep an eye on them, they will soon run into trouble or run outside the house. As our little children become teenagers and young adults, many of them will actually run away to begin a new life; far away from home, from church and from God.

            It doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to know that there is no running away from God. You can run away from your own shadow—just enter a dark room. You can run away from your conscience, by silencing it with drugs and sins (at least for a while). You can run away from one country to another, but you will never be able to run away from the omnipresent God.

            Everywhere we go, God is already there waiting for us; nothing escapes his divine knowledge. God sees everything. He sees what we do and what we think—whether or not is good or bad. This can be a powerful motivation for us to conduct ourselves in all godliness and purity of heart.

            We also find consolation, in the fact that God knows us and he knows our present situation. Nothing or no one can run away from God. Our best and only option is to run towards him!

            Well, what are you waiting for?

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