Psalms 136-137      (June 18)

                                                             Great Things

            “…who alone does great wonders…”

            No one can deny that technology and science have advanced at an astonishing rate in recent years. Only in the areas of medicine and computer networks, the growth has been unbelievable. One clear example is the telephone communication expansion. A few years ago, cellular phones were the “last thing” in the market; now we hear about digital and satellite communication, and we have “smart” phones and watches.

            What will they think of next?

            Mankind can do wonders. There are amazing bridges, skyscrapers and many other devices made by men. I often wonder how mankind has been able to make so many discoveries and build military and economic empires.

            Angels can also achieve marvelous feats. Even the devil and his demons are capable of doing amazing (and evil) things.

            Angels and human beings can do many things, however, the only one that can do many GREAT and wondrous things, is our Lord. He is the only one who specializes in the impossible. The Egyptians sorcerers recognized this, when they were not able to imitate the wonders of God. They exclaimed:

            “This is the finger of God!”

            Remember always that our Lord can, and will do GREAT wonders for his people. This is our hope and assurance.

            Has God done GREAT things for you yet?

            Have you ever thanked him for them?

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