Psalms 133-135     (June 17)

                                                 Sweet Harmony

            “…when kindred live together in unity….”

            Harmony in an orchestra, band or choir is essential to deliver a pleasing and melodious sound. If everyone were to sing or play a musical instrument however they wanted instead of harmonizing, the result would be chaotic.

            I can “play” the piano, but I can assure you that no one in their right mind would come to my listen to my “concert.”   There is a great difference, between playing for the fun of it (without musical knowledge or talent), and knowing how to play (or blow) an instrument with skill and harmony.

            It is delightful to hear a musical piece with good harmony. It does not matter whether it is a symphonic orchestra or a “Hip-Hop” group. The musical genre is also not important for the most part, as long as the message is biblical and the music pure and melodious.

            I am not espousing any specific style of music here. Every person has his or her individual preference as far as music is concerned. You might prefer classical or maybe contemporary music is your thing; but I do know, that whatever type of music you and I listen to, will not be accepted unless the notes have some type of musical harmony.

            The Bible tells us that it is good and delightful when we as brothers and sisters dwell together in harmony. It is good, because God is glorified in a church that is united. There you will find power, joy and victory.

            It is delightful, because Christian harmony is superior to musical harmony. God takes pleasure in seeing brothers and sisters walking together in love and peace. May the Lord tune the chords of our hearts, so our lives can be a melodious symphony to God’s ears.

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