Psalms 120-123       (June 14)

                                             Shade and Lotion

            “…the Lord is your shade upon your right hand.”

            In Florida, there are many beaches, an over-abundance of sand, and plenty of sun. The one thing that is not abundant at these beaches, are big shady and leafy trees to block the hot rays of the sun.

            It is true that great multitudes of people—especially among the youth—go to the beach to get “toasted” by the sun, as if they were grains of coffee. Others protect their bodies from the sun with enormous beach umbrellas, which provide a certain amount of shade. However, there are always some who always manage to station themselves under a leafy tree; these are the blessed ones at the beach. It does not matter how strong the sun-rays are, they can enjoy the shade all day long.

            The Lord is our shade; He is the shield that protects us from the devil’s attacks. There are times when his fiery darts threaten to burn our souls. If we are not under the shade of Christ, and anointed with the Holy Spirit; we will be burned by the flaming arrows of evil for sure (Ephesians 6:16).

            It is necessary then, when we go to the “beach” of this world, not only to look for shade (Christ), but also to anoint our soul with “sin-block lotion” (be filled with the Holy Spirit) for protection.

            The solar rays can produce skin cancer. The devil’s darts can produce cancer in the soul.

            I do not want to burn my body or my soul, therefore I will look for a:

           Good shade and protection in Christ, and…

            …A good “lotion” or anointment in the Holy Spirit.

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