Psalms 124-128     (June 15)

                                                               Holy Tears

            “…those who sow in tears.”

            The heart of a person who “lives” (or exists) without Christ is like arid, dry and hard soil. For this reason, when we scatter the seed of the Gospel on these individuals, it bounces back like a rubber ball.

            Farmers know very well that you cannot plant anything in extremely dry land. Nevertheless, mankind has “invented” or discovered diverse forms of irrigation. Since ancient times, many civilizations like the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Babylonians, have irrigated their otherwise arid lands with ingenious devises.

            An example of this can be seen in the modern land of Israel. Dry fields, arid mountains and deserts have been converted in fertile land that produces abundant crops. The Negev wilderness, in the southern portion of Palestine, has become a flourishing agricultural community.

            The preaching of the Gospel in dry and hardened hearts should be accompanied by many tears. Our tear drops on behalf of the unconverted sinners could very well be the water that God uses to “soften” stone hearts.

            When was the last time that you cried for someone whose soul is lost, and without hope of eternal life in Christ? The tears of a son or daughter of God are worth much and God is glorified through them.

            Oh God, grant our eyes to be filled with holy tears! We pray today for our lost family members, for our unbelieving friends and for our co-workers that need your salvation. We cry out to you to open their hearts and save their souls today.

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