Psalm 119:65-120     (June 12)

                                                   Young and Old

            “I understand more than the elders…”

            Older people have more experience than younger folks. They have lived a longer life and therefore have been through more experiences, thus the greater experience factor. The old generation is filled with experts, simply because they have experienced more of life—good and also bad.

            This is a fact.

            Older people are wiser than younger persons.

            This is not always true.

            The elderly have lived much more than the young. They usually have an advantage over the younger generation in experience and wisdom. Life’s blows have taught them much. For this reason we should listen to their wisdom; to avoid many errors and temptations along the way.

            The only instance where a young person can be wiser than an elder is when he or she knows and applies the Lord’s commands, while the older individual relies upon his own human “wisdom.”

            There are many young people that love God, some of whom can give great advice to the elders, especially to those who live without Christ. Being an elder does not imply wisdom, and being young does not imply being unintelligent.

            Our heavenly Father can give wisdom to those who humbly ask him, regardless of his/her age. This promise is found in the book of James 1:5. Do you long in your heart for divine wisdom?

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