Psalm 119:121-176     (June 13)

                                                      Fainting Spells

            “…give me life according to your justice.”

            It was a very hot day and Rachel fainted in the park, during a church picnic. All the brothers and sisters of her congregation ran quickly to assist her. She passed out and there seem to be no way to wake her.

            There was a boxer among them who slapped her on the face, but she did not wake up. There was also a fire fighter in the group, and he poured a bucket of water on her, but even then, she did not come around. A doctor stepped in and used some smelling salts and ammonia, and even that did not do anything to wake her up from her slumber.

            Then Joaquin, Rachel’s loving husband, arrived and taking a hold of her hand, kissed her and spoke into her ear softly and lovingly. In an instant Rachel opened her eyes and smiled joyfully as she gazed into her husband’s loving face.

            There are times when Christians suffer from spiritual “dizzy spells.” Fainting is not the same as dying. The children of God do not die spiritually; we have eternal life in Christ and a sure salvation. However, we can faint along the way…or slip.

            The word “revive,” does not mean to be saved once again; if it was like that, the sacrifice that Christ made in Calvary would have to be repeated again and again to ensure our salvation. To be revived implies that we must draw closer to our Savior and serve him.

            Who can wake us up from our fainting spell?

            There is not human method that is capable of reviving a “dizzy Christian.” Not even the best Christian music can revive us, if Christ does not touch us and speaks to our hearts. The voice of Christ is life for the children of God.

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