Psalm 119:1-64    (June 11)

                                                            Fatal Path

            “Put false ways far from me…”

            A lie is a filthy sin, so filthy, that the Bible tells us that liars shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. When we refer to liars in this context, we are alluding to habitual offenders, who lie on a continuous basis.

            There is nothing worse than having to deal with a habitual and unrepentant liar. His words are worthless, his promises are empty and even when he tells the truth, we can’t believe him because we cannot trust him…or her.

            There is no such thing as a “white” lie. The world system sees these kinds of lies as a “necessary” evil. They argue that a little white lie doesn’t hurt anyone. All lies are as dark as charcoal; filthy as pigs, and the “best” lies smell worse than a garbage dump.

            Worst of all, lies do not travel alone. When someone lies to cover a sin, they must then lie again to cover the original falsehood. In other words, one sin begets another and the vicious cycle continues until it is broken up by true repentance.

            Lies take us through a path of death and destruction. One lie generates another, and another, and by then we have mixed truth with reality (as in the movies), and we don’t know what is true or what is a lie anymore. Likewise, lying can become a habit, as the person begins to lie, even when he doesn’t “have” to.

            Only God can take us away from this path of ruin. A lie produces death; the truth in Christ is life. We are children of the Truth, and as such we must always speak the truth, even when it hurts.

            Do not lie to yourself…or to others.

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