Psalms 108,109     (June 7)


            “My heart is steadfast… “

            When God called Samuel, Abraham and the prophet Isaiah…they all responded the same manner,                      

            “Here I am.”

            When Jesus chose and called upon his twelve disciples…they all left everything and followed him.

            All the men and women, who have followed the Lord, have one thing in common: A dedicated and willing heart. Among Jesus’ followers you may find people who are rather unappealing and unsophisticated according to the world’s standards, but in God’s eyes they are winners and more than conquerors (Romans 8:37) because of their love for God and their availability to serve Him.

           This is exactly what God is looking for. God is interested in our ability, but he “needs” much more than the talents or gifts that He gave us in the first place—he want us to be open to his direction, and to be available to do whatever he commands us to do.

           Our great talents are of no value to the Lord, if we bury them in the “land of indifference and leisure.” A very talented athlete is useless, if he only seats on the bench and never plays at all. A Christian is of no value—no matter how talented he or she may be— if he or she is not willing to serve Christ.

            Everything begins in the heart. A cold and depressed heart will not go far. However, God can warm your heart with the “fire” of the Holy Spirit. Remember, God can always work with a willing heart.

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