Psalms 110-113    (June 8)

                                          The Suspect, and the Subject

            “The Lord says to my Lord…”

            In this Messianic Psalm, Christ is introduced as King, Lord and God. Jesus is the only Messiah, not only for Israel, but for the entire cosmos. It is good to know that my life is secure in the hands of my eternal King.

            David was King of Israel. The only one that reigned over him was Jehovah God. Why then, did he say, “The Lord says to my “Lord”? Who was this other Lord, besides the Father?  Was there another God?

            Jesus is God. Never mind those false “witnesses” that deny his divinity. Their teaching is as false, as the so-called god they so ardently serve. Jesus is the chosen Messiah; the Son of Man who was rejected by his own people. Jesus is Lord, and one day all the knees in the universe will bow in his presence.

            Is Christ your Lord?

            Perhaps you already believe in Christ, but you do not always obey him as you should and as he deserves. Christ is Lord and God of the entire universe, and he reigns as the Lord of our hearts.

            Real Christians believe that Jesus is God the Son. He is as eternal and powerful as the Father and the Holy Spirit. He became man in order to die for our sins, but He never ceased to be divine.

            I sincerely believe that the “Lord” who David was referring to, is none other than Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus is the only possible “suspect” who fits David’s description, and He is the subject of our love and devotion.

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