Psalms 102, 103    (June 2)

                                                     Broken Heart

            “My heart is stricken….”

            Octavio would visit his fiancée every Saturday night at seven in the evening. He would always come with a bouquet of flowers in one hand, a box of chocolate in the other and a heart full of expectations and happiness.

            Octavio was a young man, but he was deeply in love. He was only 17 years old, but he was ready to get married. He and his fiancée had wedding plans for the not too distant future. They were the ideal couple.

            However, on one Saturday night, Octavio heard one of the saddest words that a human being has ever heard,

            “Octavio, I do not want to be with you any longer.”

            When Octavio heard these words, he felt as if a flaming arrow had wounded his heart. He felt as if life was meaningless; he felt like dying. His heart was wounded fatally. Octavio wanted to die.  

            We can all identify ourselves with poor Octavio and the Psalmist. We all have—at one time or another— been wounded deeply…right to the heart. The reasons can be endless: The loss of a friend, the death of a loved one, divorce, separations and rejections.

            Jesus is the only one that can heal a broken heart. He can give us a transfusion of joy, love and hope. He can pull out the roots of hate and bitterness that choke our hearts to death.

            Christ can, heal your broken heart because only He knows how to mend it. He created us, and he experienced the pains of this sinful world in his own body.

            Christ can, because he died in the cross…of a broken heart.

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