Psalm 104    (June 3)

                                                  Blessed is the Lord

            “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul.”

            Everything that you and I possess (except our sinful nature) comes from the Lord. God created the rain, the sun, oxygen and all the wonders of creation, for our benefit. He did everything well and everything that He created was very good.

          God loves us very much, and his forgiveness and mercy, cannot be expressed adequately with our feeble human words. If you and I should decide to spend the rest of our lives serving and glorifying our God; we would not even begin to repay the debt of gratitude that we have towards him.

          Not even all eternity will be sufficient to exhaust our adoration and praising our Lord. Nevertheless, we must “bless” (adore, praise, etc.) the Lord each and every day, for everything and in everything.

          This is not an option; it is an obligation of the soul.

          Let us bless the Lord today for,

          His grace and mercy and for

          His loving-kindness and,

          His tender mercies, including,

          His glorious salvation, and

          His forgiveness of all of our sins

          In short,

          Let us bless the Lord in every situation

          Let us bless the Lord at all times, now and forever!

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