Psalm 105    (June 4)

                                                     Two Mouths

            “…make known his deeds among the people.”

            One night, a Christian dreamed that God had given him two mouths. That previous Sunday, his pastor had spoken about Christ’s Great Commission,

           “Go into the whole world and proclaim the good news…”

            In his dream he saw with certain horror, that with his “normal” mouth he continuously praised the Lord, and with his other mouth situated in the back of his neck, he would preach constantly, the gospel of Christ.

            You and I should always praise and bless the Lord. We established that fact yesterday. Furthermore we have been commissioned by Christ to make known his redemptive work on the cross: Our Salvation through his sacrificial death.

            God has equipped every Christian with a mouth (and a tongue). The purpose behind this is for us to open our mouths to praise him, and to give testimony of him.

            However, there are times when one mouth is not sufficient to communicate to the world that is lost, the good news that Jesus is alive and that he is able to save them. I pray that God will open our mouths and fill them with proclamation and praise.

            Until now, I have never seen anyone with two mouths; but God has much more than just two mouths. He has your mouth, my mouth and the mouths of millions of Christians all over the world.

            The world needs to know God, his work and his miracles. Our mouths are the only means that God has chosen to proclaim the gospel. If our mouths were to be closed, no one else would be saved. By the way, God does not have another plan…

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