Psalms 95, 97     (May 31)

                                    Music to our Ears

              “Oh that today you would listen to his voice!”

               Three friends were arguing about which radio station they would listen to, while they were cruising in the car on a Saturday night. It was a very heated argument that was threatening to ruin an otherwise fun night.

               One of them wanted to listen to Latin music and the other preferred to listen to sports. Meanwhile, the third one was very much into Hip-Hop music.  None of the three were willing to listen to any another station besides the one they wanted.

               “If you listen…”

               One of the most important things for a Christian is the ability to listen.  Are you willing to listen instead of speaking vanities?

               “… today…”

               Let’s suppose for a moment, that you have decided to begin listening.  Start today and do not be like those that say that they are going to begin a diet, and they never do. The only day we ever have is TODAY, so do it today.

                “…to His voice”

               The voice of God is the only voice that should penetrate deep into the center of our being.  There are many voices that fight amongst themselves to enter our ears and penetrate our hearts.  Who will we open the door to?

                Let us hear…

                Let us hear…today.

                Let us hear today…the voice of the Lord.

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