Psalms 87, 88     (May 27)

                                    In the Mount of Zion

              “This one was born there.”

               Where were you born?

               Each person (or at least the majority) is proud of their country— of the land in which they were born. Some of us were born in Europe, others in America, and others in other continents.

               I was born many years ago in Miami, Florida. My parents migrated to Cuba, where I was raised for almost twenty years, but I never lost my American citizenship and I never lost my love for my country. In the same way, one day I received Christ as my Lord and Savior and I was born again to a brand new and eternal life. I might lose my American citizenship one day, but I will never lose my heavenly citizenship (Philippians 3:20).

               When a person believes in the Gospel of Christ, he or she automatically becomes a citizen of heaven. The distinctions that separate men according to culture, nationalities, races and languages, will be placed in a secondary (or irrelevant) position. Now we are one nation in Christ our Lord.

               If you are a true Christian, then you were born in the same place that I was born (again) almost forty years ago: In Mount Zion. No, I am not an Israelite (at least I don’t think so) and I have never been in the Holy Land, but when I believed in Christ, I was born from above; I was born in Zion

               Christ died there for our sins, and it was there that I knew him. Only those that were born in Zion will be allowed in heaven.                                                                             

               Where you born there?

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