Psalms 84-86     (May 26)

                                               Abundant Life

             “For a day in your courts is better…”

             The eternal life that Christ offers to those who believe in Him should not only be measured by its quantity; the quality is also important. In other words, we see that God does not only offer us a life without end, but also a glorious life filled with blessings— an abundant life in Christ.

             This eternal life begins at conversion, that is, on the moment when we truly repent of our sins and receive Christ as our Lord and Savior in our hearts. This eternal life will never end and it is also a different kind of life. It is the life of Christ that has been imparted to all those that believe in Jesus.

             Life in Christ is the best in quantity and quality. Those that die in their sins also have eternal life, but their “life” will be lived in hell, separated from God eternally. Life without God is so bad, that it is not life at all…it is death.

             If Adam would have eaten the fruit from the tree of life after his sin, he would have “lived” in his sin forever. The grace and love of God was manifested, when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden before they had a chance to eat from this tree. The consequences would have been catastrophic.

             My Lord, I prefer to die with you than to “live” in sin. For me, is a thousand times better to live with you, than to enjoy all the pleasures the world has to offer. I love you Lord and I know, that the glorious consummation of the eternal life that my soul is waiting for, will soon arrive.

             Dear reader, I pray and hope that Christ is the desire of your heart.

             He is the Way, the Truth and the Life…abundant life.

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