Psalm 89    (May 28)


               “I will sing of (the mercies) your steadfast love…”

                The youngest child in the family was a bit mischievous. On a normal day he would break at least two cups, dirty a couple of walls and drive his poor mother crazy. He was truly a menace.

                However, one day he decided that being “normal” was boring. His mischief grew considerably, leading his mother to the border of insanity. The mother of this little “tornado” was very kind to him—too kind I’ll say! Countless were the “second chances” given by that poor mom.

                Each time she would hear him say. “Forgive me Mommy; I will not do it again!” She would forgive him and give him another opportunity.

               God is like this mother to us— his beloved, yet disobedient children. Whoever has said that God has no mercy is wrong. God constantly shows mercy to his people. He did it in the Old Testament with Israel, and he still does now with his church.

                I am very grateful to God for his boundless compassion and forgiveness. My sins greatly surpassed those of the little “tornado” in this story.

                However, greater than my sins (and yours), are the mercy and forgiveness of the Omnipotent. Each morning, I am able to wake up and enjoy the love of God. Each morning I can “hear” God telling me:

                “Wake up my beloved son. I have forgiven your sins, and my mercy will cover you the rest of the day. Today is my gift to you, do not waste it, or squander it. Remember that I love you, and never forget all that I have given to you.”

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