Psalms 75 -77      (May 22)

                                            The Feared One

            “…bring gift to him who is awesome …”

            Everyone in the saloon trembled with fear. The most feared gunman in the old West stood before them. One after the other brought their “offerings” to the bandit. Only one person resisted and in return received an “offering” of five bullets in his body.

            Powerful and wicked men have always harassed humanity throughout history. These antichrists have dominated towns, cities and nations, using the tools of terror and repression. Everyone fears men with such power.

            However, a Christian does not need to fear any man. We should only fear God, who truly deserves to be feared. God should be feared because he is All-powerful and there is nothing, which he does not know, or cannot do.

            I fear GOD, but I do not fear his presence in my life, because I am convinced that he loves me profoundly. We all fear God. Some, like me, love him and respect him with reverence; others, are terrified in their presence, because it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

            God is love and mercy. His compassion is deeper than the oceans, and his patience is endless. I rejoice in his love every day, for his love was the reason that he gave his life for me on the cross.

            God is also a God of justice, because he is Holy.

            We should all fear God; some will do it with love and joy, and others with fright and an expectation of eternal punishment.

            Do you fear the One who ought to be feared?

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