Psalm 78    (May 23)


             “I will utter dark sayings…”

             “Whispering secrets to each other is very rude.” A young girl shouted.

             She saw two of her so-called friends whispering secrets to each other and bursting out in laughter, as they looked in her direction. As it is natural, the young girl did not appreciate this lack of respect, especially when she noticed that they pointed their finger at her, while they carried on with their conversation.

             If speaking in secret is rude; to keep our faith in secrecy is a sin. Our faith in Christ must be published and proclaimed to the entire world. We are children of light and everything we do or say must be done and said in the light of day. God has not called us to be spiritual spies or secret agents.

             In the Bible there are many hidden subjects, treasures, which need to be extracted through a deep and systematic study. God offers us these treasures for our own instruction, but not for our exclusive use. We must share them with those that have not been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hear the Word of God.

             There are things that should be kept hidden, like the “private” parts of our body, and our deepest and most private thoughts. We must also guard any confession made to us in confidence; to divulge this secret is a betrayal of the highest order.

              But please, never keep to yourself the wonders that God has given to you, and what he has done in your life. Always share the treasures of God’s Word and never cease to testify of Christ in public, with your deeds and your voices, which belong to the Lord.

              There is no need for secrets.

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