Psalms 73, 74    (May 21)


             “…my steps had nearly slipped.”

              It is not good to observe people and then criticize them, or desire and envy what they have. Asaph almost made this terrible mistake— he began to compare himself with the ungodly and wicked people of the world. He watched with great interest and envy, as the enemies of God prospered, whereas he a servant of God, was harassed on a daily basis.

             If we take our eyes away from the Lord, we will start to slip immediately. As soon as we shift our focus from Jesus to this world and its people, we will begin to descend in the slippery slope of sin.

             I have also seen how the ungodly and wicked prosper and “enjoy” life, while they make fun of God and curse his Holy Word. I have watched them rejoicing in their opulence and sinful pleasures, while many believers suffer and endure all sorts of attacks and persecutions.

             How can we remedy this problem?

             We need to seek God every day.

             Asaph understood the end of the ungodly, when he entered God’s sanctuary. Just like him we can be strong in the presence of God and not slip, because our feet are firmly positioned on the rock, and our eyes are directed straight at the heavens.

             When you are tempted to look…

             …at your bad situation

             …at the prosperity of others,

             Enter into God’s Presence, and contemplate his glory—Try it; it will be good for your soul!

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