Psalms 71, 72     (May 20)

                                                      Constant Care

            “…my trust, Oh Lord, from my youth.”

            The greatest privilege anyone can have in their life is to receive Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their soul and get to know Him as a Friend. The privilege is even greater, when that person believes in Jesus in the days of his youth.

            I met Christ when I was twenty two years of age. I was still young, but I wish I would have met him long before. My life would have been very different and I would have been able to serve Him more.

            This sentiment is shared by a great number of believers that came to the Lord in their seventies and eighties. Jesus saved their souls, but their lives were a total loss, because they didn’t follow the Lord before. The same happens to those that like the thief on the cross, believe in Jesus in their deathbed.

            Have you believed in Jesus yet?

            When I see children and young people in the house of the Lord, my heart is overwhelmed with joy. What a great blessing it is for them to have an opportunity to learn and know the blessed Word of God, from the days of their childhood!

            Timothy, the disciple of Paul, was raised in a devoted home. His mother and grandmother taught the Word to him. Our children have the enormous privilege of growing up in homes where Christ is the Lord.

            Let us praise Christ for our Christian youth! He has been and will always be the strength of their lives. Let us pray that God blesses them and uses them with power… especially in these difficult and confusing times.

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