Psalms 69, 70       (May 19)

                                         Pleasing Sacrifice                 

            “This will please the Lord more than an ox…”

            What brings joy to our Lord?

            What can we do to bring a smile to his face?

            Is our Father well pleased with us?

            This is a very important question for us to ponder for the rest of our lives. The highest duty of every believer is to please God every day and in everything. Are we pleasing our Lord with our lives?

            Is God pleased in great sacrifices?

            The sacrifices God accepts are those who originate in a pure heart that is consecrated to the Lord. However, any “sacrifice” that is made without love, faith or joy, is as empty, as it is useless.

            God is pleased a thousand times more in our devotion, obedience and true worship. No human work will ever make us worthy of eternal life, but those who listen to the call of the gospel of Christ, will find the gates of heaven open wide, and will see the smiling Lord welcoming them home.

            Remember, not all sacrifices come from love. There were many empty and meaningless sacrifices in Israel. Nevertheless, those who love God will be willing to make whatever sacrifice in an effort to please Him.

            We are not required to sacrifice bulls, lambs or any other animal. Christ paid the ultimate price on the cross and his once-for-all sacrifice satisfied the Father’s wrath. We are required, however, to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to Him every single day (Romans 12:1-2).

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