Psalms 62- 64     (May 16)

                                               Slippery Rinks

            “I shall never be shaken.”

            For the first time in his short life, a young boy went with his friends to an ice skating rink. With great excitement and joy he placed the skates on his feet and approached the inviting ice and then…

            He did not know what was in store for him. When he entered the rink he slipped and fell, not once, not even twice, but almost one hundred times. It was the most embarrassing experience of his life. He had previously rejected many times skating lessons from his father. Now, he was on the ice once again, defeated and in pain.

            His father, who was an expert skater, approached him with great concern and asked:

            “Would you like me to teach you to skate?”

            The boy hugged his father, and asked him to forgive him for being so stubborn. Without a thought the father took him by the hand and started to skate along with him. The more he practiced, the better he got.   By the end of the skating session his “slipping” had been reduced to zero, and he never slipped again.

            According to David, God is our refuge and therefore we will not slip. The hand of God sustains us in the “rink” of life. This world, in which we live, is similar to a great ice skating rink, and the forces of evil would love to see us slip and fall.

            But, why should we slip and fall? Jesus is our teacher, he will teach us to “skate” or better yet, to run the Christian race. It is true; this process is slow, but safe. With the aid of God, we will slip less every day, until we reach maturity and our feet— firmly placed on the ROCK— will never slip again.

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