Psalms 65, 66      (May 17)

                                                Great Disturbance

            “…the tumult of the people.”

            Thousands of young people gathered together in a football field, to hear their favorite Rock and Roll group.

            “Here they come!”     

           One of the teens shouted, and that was the beginning of a riot. They all began to shout and dance like maniacs. While this was going on, there were also multiple fights and some girls began to throw some of their articles of clothing to the singers.

            This world is in an uproar. The wars between nations are multiplying like infectious diseases; there is an increase in racial and student disturbances all across the United States and the world; and sport and concert events, almost always end up in fights and deaths. This world is in a state of frenzy. People run to see the most recent movie, or they rush to buy the latest styles in fashion.

            Everyone is running.

            Some churches have also joined the uproar, as they are filled with divisions and false doctrines. The schools do not stay behind, while gangs are multiplying everywhere.

            Why so much uproar?

            The commotion of this world is caused by their lack of faith in Christ. Millions live without knowing (or wanting to know), the truth about the Gospel.

            A tree without roots withers and it is easily blown away by the wind. A person, who does not believe in the Son of God, is tossed around by the winds of evil blowing in this world. If you hold on tight to Christ and his Word, not even the strongest wind of a hurricane can move you.

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