Psalms 59-61   (May 15)

                                                             Parked Cars

            “With God we shall do valiantly…”

            A man was looking with obvious delight, at the most beautiful cars that anyone had ever seen. The sales agent approached him and amiably asked: “Can I help you?”

            “Yes” Said the man. “I would like to buy ten of these cars.”

            “I am very sorry Sir; these cars are not for sale. But perhaps you might be interested in those over there.” The car salesman continued, directing his attention to the rest of the cars in that prestigious dealership.

            The angry customer asked:   “Why aren’t these beautiful cars for sale?”                             

            The sales representative answered:

            “These cars cannot be sold due to the fact that there is a defect in their engine.”

            “What is wrong with the engine?” The man asked again.

            “We have not been able to find out for sure, but it has to do with the starter. Sometimes the cars turn on, and sometimes they do not. When they do turn on, it doesn’t last very long— the cars just turn off. It is as if they just like to be parked.”  

            Unfortunately, there are many churches that are similar to these useless cars. Many Christians attend churches and “park” themselves in the benches. We have the same Holy Spirit and the same power that was available to the great prophets and men of God. Great power and strength is available to us that believe in the name of Christ. In God’s name, we can do great things in this “paralyzed” world.

            Let us ask Christ to wake us up from our dreaming, and “drive” us out of the parking lot of indifference and apathy. Only in this way, we shall be useful “cars” for the Gospel.

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