Psalms 45, 46    (May 9)


            “My heart overflows…”

            We learned in yesterday’s entry about the thirst of the soul. This thirst will only be quenched, as we drink from the living waters that God offers to those who are faithful in their study of the Sacred Scriptures.

            Our hearts are similar to a computer. If it is programmed with good things, it will “output,” or produce good things, or vice versa. The output or result depends on the input or data that is entered. In technological or “nerd” terms, whatever is uploaded into the computer or internet can be later downloaded for play or work.

            A computer has many practical uses and benefits nowadays. Computers are used in all different types of industries and businesses; in schools; in the making of movies; in the recording of music; in short, in almost every place including the home. However, computers are also used to do much harm.

            For example, pornographic images can be seen through the computer network of information, called the Internet. One day, computers or a similar technology will probably be the tool used by the devil to control the world, as the antichrist reigns on the earth during the period known as the Great Tribulation.

            For this reason, it is very important to fill our hearts with good information, so we may speak in a godly manner and act with wisdom. Our minds and hearts are very much like living computers that receive and distribute information to our whole being. Whatever we “upload” to our minds, will be displayed later in our words and actions.

            How is your spiritual computer today?

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