Psalms 47, 48     (May 10)

                                                 Favorite Corner

            “His holy mountain…”

            For most people, their native land is the most beautiful place in the world. They do not consider the possibility of other lands being more beautiful or fertile, even if those countries are bathed by “Amazonian” rivers, or crystal clear beaches. Those lands may have greener fields, but nothing can compare to the enchantment of our native land.

            It is certain that if we could travel all over the world, we would. Who has not dreamed of visiting Europe, Jerusalem, Hawaii, North and South America? Nonetheless, we would always miss that favorite corner of the world—the place where we were born.

            However, the most beautiful city in the universe is not found in this world (including your native land, my dear reader). God has prepared a beautiful, celestial city, for those who love him with all their heart.

            This glorious city cannot be compared to anything we know on this Earth. If we would join together all the kingdoms in the world, they would amount to only a small fraction of the glory and splendor of our celestial home.

            If you are a Christian, you are a citizen of the heavens and a Son of God. Nationalities and races are not so important to Christ. Christ has demolished all the barriers that divided mankind, to make us one in faith and love.

            These are the important things:

            We are sons and daughters of the same Father.

            We are saved by the same blood.

            We are citizens of the same city—The New Jerusalem

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