Psalms 42-44      (May 8)

                                   The Thirst of the Soul

            “My soul thirsts for God…”

            A few years ago, we cut down all the pine trees around the house. The lumber company removed all the trunks, but it left us with a mountain of branches in our backyard. As we didn’t have the money or the means to dispose of this shrubbery, we decided to burn it all. It was a bad decision. It took us over a month to burn it all and the worst thing about it is that it was in the middle of Florida summer.

            The extreme heat of the sun, combined with harsh ultraviolet rays, proved too much for us on most days. We were exhausted and dehydrated most of the time. We had a great thirst.

            Spiritual thirst greatly surpasses the thirst of the flesh. It has been said that a person can live without water for at least a week, but he who dies without quenching the thirst of the soul, will be thirsty (and dead) throughout eternity.

            Our soul is thirsty for God. There are those that recognize this need and look for God. There are others (the great majority), that attempt to quench their thirst with anything or everything else, but God.

            One of the signs of a genuine conversion to Christ is to have a profound thirst for God and his Word. Those who grow spiritually, exhibit a constant desire to know the Lord more and more every day.

            Do you have a deep thirst for God?                                                                         

            Are you drinking from God every day?

            Let us seek after God, the only one that can quench the thirst of our soul. He has the living waters of eternal life that will refresh us and make us grow…if we drink.

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