Psalms 11-13     (April 22)

                                        Fatal Escape

            “…how can you say to me, Flee like a bird to the mountains?”

            One day the smaller sister of a young Christian girl accused her of sinning. I don’t exactly recall the exact nature of the wicked act, only that the mother, after listening to the details, punished the young girl with a vengeance.

            The girl denied vehemently all the accusations, but her family did not believe her. Desperately, the girl ran out of the room and hid in the laundry room of the apartment building where they lived. What did she solve by running away? Absolutely nothing at all. If she did sin she deserved the punishment, but if she did not, why did she run away?

            David’s friends “advised” him to flee to the hills. But he knew of his innocence and he did not feel that he had to flee. He knew that the solution to the problem was not to flee from it, but to face it head on and with valor. Nevertheless, how can we face our problems when it seems that everyone is against us?

            If we sin, we must confess our wrongdoing to God and apologize to our peers. If we have done no wrong, then there is no reason to flee. David ran, but towards God, our only refuge. Jehovah strengthened his faith and what he discovered can help to us today.

            What David learned will keep us from running. He found out that,

1. God is in his Holy Temple

2. Yahweh has a throne in the heavens

3. God sees everything

4. God tests the just (the believers) and punishes evil doers

5. God is righteous and loves justice

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