Psalms 6-8       (April 20)

                                                                 He Remembers Me

            “What are human beings that you are mindful of them…?”

             In 1994, in the City of Miami there was a special celebration call “The summit of the Americas.” Presidents and dignitaries from almost all the countries of the American continent, attended this highly publicized summit

             It is not even necessary for me to describe in full details how the city of Miami dressed up in style for this occasion. They fixed the streets, painted some of the buildings and a multitude of security agents were brought in to protect the thirty presidents.

             Other cities could have been chosen, but it was Miami the one that I took the prize. Was it because Miami was better than the other cities? Probably not, but she was chosen for this high honor.

             The benefits were many. Economically, this summit brought millions of dollars to the “sunshine capital.” Politically, the summit was a triumph as well, and in the social and cultural area, Miami recovered a great part of its lost reputation.                                               

             Two thousand years ago, someone much more important than all these presidents came and visited planet Earth. His name was Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He was born in the little town of Bethlehem and was raised in one of the most undesirable and safe city of Israel: Nazareth.

             You and I are sinners and therefore unworthy of Jesus love and mercy for us. However, he chose us and called us to be his children. The benefits that we receive when we believe in Christ are eternal. Nevertheless, there are no streets of gold or celestial mansions that can compare with the joy of knowing that Christ loves, and remembers us.

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