Psalms 4, 5     (April 19)

                                                        Sleeping Well

            “I will both lie down and sleep in peace…”

            “Doctor, I cannot sleep at night!”

            “Do not worry Ma’am.” The doctor replied. “Take these pills for your nerves and you will be able to sleep like a baby.”

             Each night, millions of people take pills for their nerves before going to bed and others use alcohol or drugs. Each night, an army of insomniacs stay awake through the night watching the hours go bye until the sunrise.

            The problem is that many people do not have peace and consequently, they cannot rest or sleep peacefully.   Many suffer from insomnia due to nervous attacks. Others are full of anxiety and worries (Who can sleep like this?). Beside all of this, fear and insecurities also take the best of them. They start to see shadows— real or not— and began to hear weird noises and ghostly steps in the night.

             A true Christian on the contrary can go to bed (and sleep) in total tranquility. Why? This is because he has peace in Christ. Problems will always be there, but there is no need to be afraid. He who lives in the peace of Christ does not worry, does not take pills for their nerves, nor turns the lights or the radio on to sleep.

            The peace that Christ brings is one of holiness and clean conscience. A clean mind and a pure heart is the best antidote for anxiety and insomnia. A Christian that decides to sin; will drift away from peace and gain fear, anxiety and nervousness.

             David was able to sleep without worries, and so can we. Why?

             “… for you alone, O Lord, make me lie down in safety.”

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