Job 39     (April 14)


            “Who has loosened the bonds…?”

            Sin is a chain made out of iron or steel. Sin is so strong that not even the mighty Samson could break them. From the time we are born, our hands and feet are tied and our eyes are covered by sin.

           On the other hand, the wild donkey is born free. There are no bonds for him; he is free to roam and eat in the fields. Wild donkeys, know nothing about chains and cages. They are called wild because they are not “domesticated,” which means that they have lost their freedom

           When God created man, he created him free and innocent. Man was born completely free from sin. His freedom was short-lived because as you already know, Adam chose to sin and consequently he was condemned.

           Who can break the chains of sin? Who can pull out the roots of bitterness? Who can make us as free as the wild donkey?

           Christ is the only one that can. There are no chains that can resist the power of the Almighty. He can break all the chains that bind human beings nowadays. It does not matter if the chains are of hatred, pornography, alcoholism, drugs, or rebellion. He can break all the chains.

           What is the chain that binds you, my brother or sister?

           Do not even try to break away all by yourself for you will not be able. You also do not have to drag them with you for the rest of your life. Remember that each chain that binds us has been chosen by us. We must reject and hate these bonds and plead for Christ to break them. He will pulverize them, if we ask with a clean heart. He died for this same reason— to free us from the bond of sin.

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