Job 40     (April 15)

                                                           Mouths Shut

            “I lay my hand on my mouth.”

             My three sons are very special to me. Since their infancy they have been raised in a Christian home.   The Word of God has been read to them so many times that they should know by heart many of the stories. Besides, they have been taught to pray, and they have learned many Bible verses.

             However, their behavior is not always that of a mature Christian. There are times when they get into trouble for the simple fact that they do not know when to keep their mouth shut. If they could only be quiet, they would avoid at least half of their punishment. Many Christians are like that sometimes:

          We murmur, argue with God and ask why.

          What we need to do is to ask God to shut our complaining mouths and to fill them with his Word. It is better to be silent when we do not know what to say, than to speak without wisdom or understanding. It is much better to only open our mouths to pray without ceasing and glorify our God.

            Let us learn to keep our mouths shut before our Lord. Complaining has never solved any problem, but prayer always does. The Christian that opens his mouth in prayer will find it very difficult to complain against our Lord.

            Let us remember what happened to the sons of Israel in the wilderness. They opened their mouths to complain over and over, instead of praising God for the many wonders and miracles He performed in Egypt. They never saw the Promised Land.

            Do you pray or complain?

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