Job 38      (April 13)

                                                              In His Own Time

            “Then the Lord answered Job…”

            During all the time that Job and his friends spoke, God was silent. God is an extremely educated and proper person; He will not speak while someone else is talking. In a sense, God is always speaking through nature, miracles and our consciences, but mostly through his Word. In another sense, God waits until we are ready to hear from Him, to reveal his will to us.

            If we want to listen to God; if we really desire his answer; we should learn to pray, be silent, and wait. It is extremely vital to remain connected to God through prayer. Praying is not just reciting our problems to God or asking Him for all the things we want. It is communion and fellowship with the Creator of the universe. As we pray, we speak directly with the Lord and enjoy his sweet presence. Through prayer we pour our hearts to God and beg him to answer us.

            It is also important to be silent before the Lord. By being silent, I mean silencing all other voices in our head that call for our attention and focusing on God’s Word. Silence also means shutting our mouths when God is speaking to us. He knows what He is saying to us and He knows what He is doing. He doesn’t need our opinion.

            Silence is crucial, because in the hours of silence and meditation, we can hear the voice of Christ through the Holy Spirit. Let us be quiet and listen to what the Spirit is saying. Let us be silent in the presence of the Lord and when we hear he melodious voice of heaven, let us be obedient instantly. Only in this way we will be assured that God will continue to speak to us.

            The last thing that we must learn is to be patient and wait for the Lord’s answer. Do not stop praying and listening to God. He will answer in his time; his will is the best thing that can happen to us.

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