Job 35      (April 10)

                                             The Two Sides of the Coin

            “…what do you give him:”

            All coins have two sides. On one side you can see the face of a president or any other important leader. On the other side you can find different images like buildings, eagles or shields.

            When we speak about our service to God, this too has two “sides,” or better yet two aspects: Positive and negative. The negative part is the one that asks: “What can we give to Him that has everything?” God does not need any of us, or anything from us. Our service, offerings and obedience cannot make the one that OWNS the universe any richer.

            Many times we think that we are doing God a big favor when we serve him, tithe, or suffer for him. Nevertheless, it is God that gives us the privilege to serve him, suffer, and even die for him.

            What can we give to God? Nothing at all. We cannot bribe God; he does not make distinctions between persons. We cannot add anything to God— He is complete and perfect. We cannot please God with deeds void of love.

            Despite this fact there is a positive “side.” God asks: “What else will you give today?” The difference is found in who is asking the question. If it is man who wants to “give” to God (in his own way, like Cain), this would be negative, but if the invitation to give comes from our Father, it is positive and full of blessings for those that respond to his call. Now it is God who asks us to give; therefore we should give with joy.

            What will you give him today?

            What has Christ asked of you? Have you done it yet?

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