Job 36      (April 11)

                                                 Magnify the Lord

            “Remember to extol his work…”

            We have learned that God calls us to his service. His desire is to use us, not because of what we can do or give to Him; but because of what he can do through us. God can use a rock, a rooster, a donkey, a pig, or any other thing, as we are able to see in the Bible. He used frail prophets, unfaithful kings and incompetent apostles for his glory. Today, he wants to use believers like you and me.

            The work of God is enormous and he uses us to magnify it even more. Anything we do, or better yet, that God does in us and through us, magnifies and glorifies the name of the Lord all over the world.

            Let us always remember that it is His work, His ministry and His church, not ours. Let us not make the mistake of presuming that we are indispensable for the ministry, or that there are no substitutes for us.

            Let us work for God and glorify his name as he allows us to live one more day. The best time to start is now. As we live in obedience and gratitude, we will realize how much will the Lord will be able to do through us

            Our purpose in this life is to worship our God and magnify his name through everything we do, think or say. This is an awesome responsibility, but our Lord has promised to walk with us every step of the way, and to help us in our quest to bring glory and honor to God.

            We have been placed on this earth for the only purpose of glorifying our Lord with our lives. We were created and re-created (by the miracle of regeneration and redemption) to be followers and worshippers of Christ.

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