Job 34     (April 9)

                                                    Spiritual Filters

            “…for the earth tests words…”

            The founder of the satanic “church,” was at one time in his life, an organist in a Christian church. Anton La Vey became disillusioned with the cheap Christianity of many in his church; they would praise God on Sunday morning, after going to clubs, dancing and drinking on Saturday night.

            I am aware that Anton has no excuse for doing such a barbaric thing. He rejected God and started to serve Satan openly. Nevertheless, he is correct when he says that a great majority of Christians do, say and listen to things that do not please God.

            What are you listening to today? Is God pleased in the conversations, TV, and Radio programs that you are watching or listening each day?

            Jesus said one day, “If you have ears to hear, then hear.”

            Our ears should function as filters that receive good things, and discard the impurities of the world.

            Analyze the next questions with honesty and in the love of Christ:

            Do you listen to worldly dirty jokes and laugh?

            Do you listen to gossip from other people and remain silent?

            Do you listen to false doctrines and sermons, and do not care?

            Do you listen to God or to the Devil?

            Let us appeal to God and ask him to clean our ears, so we can learn to filter all that we hear and glorify his holy name. Let us be filled with the Holy Spirit and the Word, to purify our conscience and renew our minds.

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