Job 24, 25     (April 1)

                                                             Special Maggots

            “…how much less a mortal, who is maggot…”

            Would you like to be called a maggot or a worm?

            This is what they called the Cubans (they still do, but with other names), which opposed Castro’s dictatorship and his communist revolution.

             I do not think that it is a nice thing to call someone a worm; I believe that person would not be very happy. A worm is a dirty and repugnant animal and to be compared with them, is a serious insult.

            Nevertheless, when we are compared with God, we find that we are of very little value— even less than the dirtiest of all the worms. A worm cannot clean itself from its filth. Even if you were to wash a maggot, it will continue to be a worm. Similarly, human beings cannot change their own life, or wash away their sins by their own means.

            Christians are also maggots before God; but we are special worms, because Christ washed us, justified us, and transformed us. The butterfly with all its beauty was a simple worm before undergoing a metamorphosis (transformation). This is the only worm that changes its form. All others continue being worms, and they die as worms.

            How many men and women die and go to hell because they resist and reject God’s calling. They cling to empty and vain religions filled with traditions that will never be able to transform their lives, nor to forgive their sins.

            A Christian is like a butterfly. Before we repented of our sin and believed in Christ, we were dirty worms, but now we are a new and beautiful creation; before Christ we crawled like maggots, and now… we fly like butterflies.

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