Job 26, 27    (April 2)


            “…and hangs the earth upon nothing.”

            In the middle ages most people believed that, the Earth was flat. “Scientists” argued that the Earth was held by elephants and other animals. Mariners were afraid of navigating too far, lest their ship would fall off the edge.

            One day an astronomer claimed that the opposite was true. His name was Nicholas Copernicus. After him came Galileo Galilei, which affirmed that the Earth was round— a fact confirmed by the discoveries of Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan.

            However, no one speaks of Job, the first man that was completely assured that the planet Earth hung in an empty space. He was not aided by powerful telescopes, nor did he travel on a special ship.

            How could Job know this? I firmly believe the Holy Spirit revealed this to him by the process known as inspiration. Knowledge of this magnitude could not have been learned in any university; there were no such schools at the times of the Patriarchs.

           Then, what explanation can we give to these and other biblical declarations, which have been confirmed many centuries later by scientists and archaeologists? How is it possible for “unlearned” men such as Job, the prophets and the apostles, to have so much knowledge about science and other matters? How were they able to predict the future?

           The reason is very simple: They were moved by the Holy Spirit. He gave them every word that was written in the Sacred Scriptures. The Bible is the Word of God, without error. You and I can trust His Word. Nothing written in the Bible should surprise us. Even though we do not understand everything, we can believe it because it is the TRUTH.

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