Job 22     (March 30)

                                           False Gospel

            “…and your precious silver,”

            Nowadays you hear a new type of Gospel being proclaimed, however this is not the real Gospel of Christ. This “prosperity gospel” is very popular among some believers and there are growing numbers of mega churches that preach this so-called gospel. 

            The followers of this “gospel” are guaranteed physical and mental health, financial independence and a life free from any problems or worries.  The only requisite for obtaining all these “benefits” is to have plenty of faith.  He who has faith— according to these “teachers” of faith—can acquire prosperity in all areas of their life.  If you are poor or ill, is due to the fact that you do not have enough faith

            However, what explanation can these teachers give in the case of Job.  Job was a man of faith and integrity; God himself gave testimony of his righteousness.  Job was an excellent father and a respectable citizen.  The cause of all the trials and calamities that scourged his life, was not found in any sin, or attributed to his lack of faith.

            Everything happened so that God would be glorified in Job’s life, just as it did later on with the blind man that Jesus healed (John 9).  Christ promises us:

            Peace in the midst of tests and tribulations.

            His presence full of joy and love.

            His strength, protection and provision.

            Eternal life in Him.

            Grace, forgiveness and faith.

            These things are more valuable than anything offered by that “other” gospel.        

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