Job 21    (March 29)

                                                Wise men?

            “Will any teach God knowledge…?”

            A mother was having a discussion with her fifteen year old daughter:

           “Do not spend time with that young man; he is not good for you!”

           “We love each other Mom. You’ll see everything is going to be just fine.”

            “But that young man is a delinquent and is not a Christian.” Her mother replied.

            The daughter did not listen to her mother’s wise advice and continued the relationship with the atheist young man. She thought she could “change” him into a Christian, but instead she was the one that ended up running away from home. Three months later she came back to her parent’s home sad, lonely and very much pregnant.

            If we can’t be wiser than our parents, do you think that we could be wiser than God?  Even though we might deny it, each one of us has tried to teach or instruct God. Who me? Yes, you and me, and all the children of God.

            When we do something without praying about it first, it is as if we were telling God: “I don’t need you— you see I can do it all by myself, without your help.”

            If we knowingly sin, or if we make a decision without consulting God, we are saying loud and clear:

            “God, I am smarter than you!”

            But if we would only take the time, we would be able to see that we will NEVER be as wise as God, and you can forget about being wiser than the omniscient and eternal God. We will never be able to teach or deceive God. What we can do is to love him, adore him, serve him and learn from him.

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