Job 16       (March 24)

                                                           True Tears

            “…my eyes pour out tears to God…”

            “Why do you cry, Maria?”

           “Because he left” She responded sobbing.

            “When did this evil man leave?” Her friend asked her, visibly worried                              

           “He left yesterday with another woman” Responded Maria.

            At that moment Maria’s husband came into the room and kissed his wife as if nothing has happened. Her friend asked disturbed,

           “Didn’t you tell me that he had left? How is it that he came back so soon?”

           Maria looked at her friend with astonishment and exclaimed:

          “I was not talking about my husband. The one that left his house was the man from the TV show I watch every night.”

          Many women (and men) cry each day for insignificant things like soap operas and movies. Young girls cry bitterly because their boyfriend has left them. Children also cry, and how they cry!

         Now, do not misunderstand me, I am not implying that crying is something bad; I just want to call your attention to the motives of our tears. Crying for foolish reasons is a waste of time and water, but crying unto God is precious and cleansing.

        When was the last time that you cried before God? God sees our tears, especially when we cry over things that are close to our heart and profoundly hurts us. He sees the tears of those who confess their sins and of those who cry as they intercede for others.

        These are true tears; the tears that God will wipe dry with his love.

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