Job 15      (March 23)

                                                                  Sweet Words

            “Are the consolations of God too small for you?”

           I remember long time ago, watching a movie entitled, “No me defiendas, mi amigo” (“Do not defend me, friend.”) This cinematographic film tells the story of two friends that are always involved in many problems.

            One of the friends in the movie was a very big liar and had an excuse for almost everything. The other friend would always tell the truth to “defend” his friend; however, this would only result in some jail time for the other friend.

           Christians act many times like this friend. Instead of helping and defending our brothers, we seem to harm them more.

           I am not pleading in favor of lying. We should always speak with the truth; nevertheless, it should be spoken with love. Speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) is not only a biblical command, but it is also the best way to communicate with others.

          The problem with Eliphaz, was that he would speak the truth, but without even a “drop” of love. Some preachers justify their “reprimands” from the pulpit, by saying that these are sermons filled with truth. Truth and love should always go hand in hand.

          Eliphaz even had the audacity to say, that his words were said with “sweetness.” To which I say; with a friend like that, who needs enemies?

          When we speak to one of our brother or sister, let us season our words of truth with love. If we lack one of these two ingredients, our words would be critical or mere adulation. The Christian that speaks the truth with love is the only one that can bring comfort his fellow believers.

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