Job 17     (March 25)

                                               Great Days

            “My days are past…”

            Every human being has their days counted. Some have more than others, but we all have our days counted in this planet we call Earth. This reminds me of a movie I watched some years ago entitled “In Time.” In this film, people have a certain amount of time tattooed into their forearms and they use this time as a currency to barter and trade for food and other necessities. Once their time expires, they also cease to exist.

           Who knows the number of our days? When will our last day on this Earth be? How many days have we left to live, to love and to serve God? The only one that knows all the answers is our Lord. We do not have access to this kind of information and we certainly don’t have time tattoos or any other device that can tell us how much time we have left.

          Soon our days will pass. They will fly like birds when they migrate for the winter.   The future is in God’s hands; only He knows if we will live to see tomorrow. The days that have passed are buried forever in the land of forgetfulness.

          What is left? We only have today to live our lives to the fullest. Today is the only time we have use all our energy for the glory of God. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us on this planet. Do not allow your days to pass you by in mediocrity and uselessness.

          Every second that passes will never return and we can’t borrow time. We must live in the NOW, in such godliness and joy, that our days will always bring glory and honor to our majestic Lord, who dwells in eternity.

          Let this be our motivation as we wake up each morning.

          Let us live for God today and tomorrow as well…if it ever arrives.

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