Job 7     (March 15)

                                                           Just a Puff

            “Remember that my life is a breath….”

            In the decade of the 1930’s, an Argentinean singer made Tango, popular around the world. For many years he traveled around Europe and America, delighting crowds of fans with his voice. One day he went back to his native country. In his famous song entitled “Volver” (To Return) he describes this experience:

            “Return, with my soul withered,

            The snow has passed and whitened my brows.         

            To feel, that life is just a puff; that twenty years are but a day…”

            In reality Carlos Gardel was right: Life is a puff. Job said the same thing in his hour of suffering. Life is so short and goes by so quickly, that in the eyes of God is like a puff, like morning dew that vanishes when the sun shines through.

            Today I turn 40 years old. Looking back I can observe with certain sadness, how the years have gone by. Looking forward I can see that Christ will always be there with me. My life is a puff, because it’s short. We can be here today, but what about tomorrow? Who knows? My life is like that puff that blows out the birthday candles.

            Nonetheless there is a positive side to that “puff.” God breathed twice. His first “puff” was with Adam, when he received the spirit. The second was in Christ, when we received the Holy Spirit.

            My desire is that in the years that I have left, I can live for Christ my Lord and King. Since I am only “dust and a puff,” I submit myself to God and will depend solely in him. I pray that my remaining days will be useful for your glory.

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