Job 8    (March 16)

                                                      Laughter and Joy

            “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter…”

            A Christian man struggled within, anguished, depressed and surrounded by problems. His spirit wanted to find God, but he could not. His soul was drowning in a river of emotions. He would hear three voices:

            God – “Cry out to me, I will help you.”

            Flesh – “You are worth nothing. You will never amount to anything.”

            The Devil – “What you need to do is to forget about God. He has forgotten you.”

            At that moment, he remembered Peter and Silas singing in the jail in Philippi. He asked himself: How can I obtain this type of joy? How can I ever reach this level of maturity whereby I can praise God in every situation?

            God spoke to his spirit once again and said:

            “I have already given you all the joy that you need. Use it!”

            That man repented and confessed his sins; he begged the Lord to help him obtain that joy in whatever situation he was confronting.   He did not have to wait long for that divine answer. A ray of light invaded his soul, and his heart was filled with joy. Tears covered his face, tears of pure joy.

            The Lord has promised to fill “our lips with laughter” and He “has changed my lament with dance…” This joy is permanent; it is the fruit of the Spirit.

            If today you are filled with sadness, ask the Lord to fill your lips with laughter and your heart with joy. He will do it.

            He did it for Job, didn’t He?

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